Differential Relay

Differential Relay

differential relay-ADR133A

Numerical 3 Pole Differential Relay : ADR133A

General Description

ADR133A is a numerical transformer differential_relay with dual bias characteristic for two winding transformer.

General Specifications

  • Online display of Phase Current / Differential Current.
  • Latching of fault current value.
  • High Speed operation.
  • Operation is based on fundamental frequency value.
  • Harmonics restrain for Transformer charging and CT saturation condition.
  • Programmable Internal ICT (Interposing CT) ratio to match different transformers having different vector groups.
  • Programmable dual bias setting.
ANSI IEC Protection Functions
87 - Dual Bias Differential Protection.


Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR133A Non Communicable Numerical Differential_relay for two winding transformer. CSD-V-120
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