ADR141S – Self Powered Relay For RMU

Self Powered Relay

General Description

The ADR141S is self powered relay, Non-communicable 3 OC and 1 EF with Instantaneous high set specially designed for Protection of Ring Main Unit or compact sub-station where no any external power supply is not available.


ANSI Protection Functions
50 Instantaneous Over current Protection (OC-Inst.)
50N Instantaneous Earth Fault Protection (EF-Inst.)
51 Time Over current Protection (Phase) (OC-IDMT.)
51N Time Over current Protection (Earth) (EF-IDMT.)


Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR141S Non-Communicable self powered Numerical Over current / Earth fault Relay. Compact – 130mm x 160mm x 145mm (With Clamps)

Numerical Self Powered Protection Relay For RMU : ADR141S


  • Auxiliary Voltage supply is not required.
  • Low energy pulse output tripping for RMU.
  • 4 Element (3 Phase + EF) over current IDMT with instant trip.
  • Display of fault current. / Load current.
  • Selection of Curve: Six selectable curves (Normal Inverse1 (C1), Normal Inverse2 (C2), Very Inverse (C3), Extremely Inverse (C4), Long Time Inverse (C5) & Definite Time (C6).
  • Separate curve selection for phase and EF.
  • Latching of fault current up-to last 5 fault.
  • Programmable Annunciation Contact.