Line Protection

Line Protection Relay

Minimum operating time of 1.5 Cycles (30msec). Large 20×4 LCD display for Parameter and setting display. In built Real Time Clock with non-volatile memory for time stamping. Display of various counters. Disturbance Recorder – Up to 1sec of actual waveform of current & voltage along with logical and physical status are captured & saved in built-in memory with date time stamping, for analyzing fault condition & fault location. Fully communicable with IEC standard open protocol.

ASHIDA has designed economical & reliable Multifunction ADR239B Protection & Control System.
The simple and compact construction of ADITYA series ADR239B relay provides Integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring functions for Over head Transmission Lines, Underground cables, and Distributed Feeders.

ADR239B numerical multifunction machine terminal protection relay is designed for Line, Feeder & Machine protection applications.Relay is designed with fast and selective tripping ensures the stability and availability of electrical power system. ADR239B relay is applied for protection, control & monitoring of line radial and ring main feeder to achieve sensitivity and selectivity on phase and ground faults.

Line Protection Relay

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