Numerical Relay

Feeder Control & Communication Module : FCCM2

Standard Specification

Input 1 Amp / 5 Amp
Burden on CT Less then 0.1 VA
Burden on PT Less then 2 VA
Measured Values 3f Current / Voltage. 3f Power Factor / Phase Angle. Power - Active, Reactive & Apparent Energy - Import & Export Power Line Frequency. 8 Status inputs.
Measurement Accuracy Class 1 (or better on request)
Auxiliary Supply 18-52 V DC/ AC or 77-250 V DC/AC or +12 & +24VDC
Burden on Auxiliary Supply Less then 10 VA
Control Contacts 8 sets of potential free NO Contacts for control operation
Type Test As per IEC 60255 standard
Thermal Withstand 200 Amp for 3 sec
Communication Ports Options of RS485, RS232, Fiber- optic or Ethernet connections
Communication Protocols IEC-870-5-103 or 'ASCADA' Ashida proprietary
Cutout 138 x 280 mm

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
FCCM2 Feeder Control & Communication Module  
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